Gudrun Paysen
Keramik in japanischer Tradition

Gudrun Paysen - Ceramics in Japanese Tradition

Welcome to my website

This website gives you a comprehensive overview of my artistic work. Browse through these pages and enjoy this pottery, which was made in Japanese tradition.

The ceramicist Gudrun Paysen lived in Japan for a long time, where she studied the art of ceramics. Although back in Europe for over 20 years, to this day she maintains the Japanese tradition in her work. Her artwork reflects an appreciation of nature and the richness of simple and everyday forms and things. Paysen’s ceramics impresses through a rich variation of clay and glaze. She creates works that are full of harmony, balance, elegant simplicity and quiet presence. 

Gudrun Paysen lived in Japan for twelve years, a country where ceramics have a long tradition and are highly regarded, both as craft and fine art objects. Paysen studied at various traditional ceramic schools in Tokyo and to this day the philosophy of Japanese ceramics informs her work. Paysen sees herself as an intermediary between natural material and emerging object, the character of which is determined by the clay. Paysen adjusts her varied and often translucent glazes to this using wood and plant ash. Minor irregularities in form or glaze and the chance effects that occur during firing lend individuality to every work. Paysen’s tea bowls, vases and other vessels are a delight to look at and to touch; they should not only be admired but also used every day.